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Everyday each one of us finds Solutions. From the tiniest and most simple challenge to the most complex algorithm;
Solutions make progress possible.

At Solutions Inc. we thrive on finding better ways to improve quality of life. Our team focuses not on what is most complex or conspicuous; but on the challenges which will be most useful and have the most impact on improving our human and physical environment. We are building a network of Solutions focused individuals with a view to creating a more solutions oriented culture. We help to empower individuals and organisations to see challenges as an opportunity to effect positive change.

Solutions Inc, partners with companies; organisations and individuals to find ways to make their impact more positive. We have spent lots of time with the investor community in Grenada; both foreign and local, with a view to assisting with the growth and development of Grenada. We believe that in many ways Grenada has the right mix of talent and natural resources to be successful. What is needed in many cases is a change in the way things are presented and prepared.

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Ideas form the basis of Solutions! We have helped companies/individuals to innovate and invent. Our team will bring ideas from thought to template! Our innovations can form models for the rest of the world.


Without the right strategy Solutions can become ineffective. Too many business leaders have the right solution but mistake tactics for strategy and veer off course. In today’s dynamic business climate, implementing a strategy which is flexible and nimble enough to shift in this ever evolving business economy is key.


Without the right team, your Solution has less chance of succeeding. Building a team and keeping it working well together are essential challenges all organizations must face. Companies must therefore have the right mix between tasks and relationships so as not to jeopardize team building and product delivery.


West Indians say "if the fish head bad, the body is rotting." The team at the top set the tone and direction for the success of any company. We can help manage and keep focused on your vision.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.


Training ensures consistent delivery of solutions and allows them to be monitored. There is no point having a solution if it is not executed in the right way. There also needs to be an awareness that solutions may have to adapt to change. Therefore, monitoring is vital.


Solutions must be presented to the audience which they intend to serve. The right messaging can make a solution more acceptable and even loved. It is important for companies to know what their audience feels about solutions through communication.


Solutions are fed by information. If you input the right information your chances of success are much higher. Therefore, research is critical. Too many decisions are informed by precedence and personal choice rather than solid research. This in many cases leads to under performance.

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Nikki Noel

Co- Founder